GTFO Podcast – The First Episode!

Your front row seat for conversations with two computer hackers turned travel hackers – living globally, financially independent and semi-retired, both following their dreams and helping you to do the same. You can also find us on iTunes, YouTube or however you listen to podcasts, and we love getting your 5-star reviews. Follow the conversation with us on Twitter @GTFOutcast and stop into the blog often to read the latest and give us comments and feedback.

After years of corporate work life, friends Beau Woods and Taylor Banks welcome everybody to the first ever episode of the GTFO podcast — or the GTFOutcast as they like to call it!

Watch GTFOutcast Episode 01:

0:25 – Beau asks Taylor about his plans after buying an RV.

1:20 – Taylor gives his introduction and all the low down on the GTFO podcast and why both of them wanted to do this series of podcasts.

3:34 – Beau gives his introduction and how he left his job in information security to travel for more than 18 months.

7:01 РTaylor stresses on how, now that both of them have gained enough work experience, it gives them the freedom to take up work they only want to do and not work because they have to.

10:19 – Taylor reminisces of a trip to Costa Rica, which was essentially a business trip, but it brought about a mental change in the purpose of what he was doing with his life.

12:40 – Beau adds to that by talking about the change in values travel brought about. How money was no longer the objective, and how he hopes this podcast helps others in enabling others to achieve the same.

16:59 – Why should you subscribe to the GTFO podcasts? Well, besides being awesome, Beau and Taylor lists out a couple of other reasons:

  • the conversation is going to be very candid
  • each episode is short yet concise
  • sharing travel experiences — both the good and the bad — and how you can learn from the same

21:02 – Beau and Taylor wrap up the first episode!

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