Episode 04 – How to find apartments on rent when traveling to a foreign country

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On the August 25 episode of the GTFOutcast, Beau and Taylor talk about the process of find a place to stay in a foreign country. We’re not talking hotels here. Instead, long term accommodation like apartments and houses you can stay on rent, and yet, get that truly local experience that you seek.

Watch GTFOutcast Episode 04:

0:21 – Beau checks in from Mexico City and kicks things of by talking about the talk he and Taylor gave at the BSidesLV conference.

4:31 – The two talk about the manner in which they put the slides together for their presentation.

6:12 – Beau talks about how much he’s enjoying Mexico City, and the exhausting process of looking for a place to live. Turns out Craigslist in Mexico City has just as many scammers as anywhere else. Beau eventually ended up using AirBnB.

11:17 – Taylor asks Beau about his learnings on how to make it easier or better to find a place in a new country. Beau suggests AirBnB for your stay upon arrival, but use this time to learn more about rental policies and prices. Taylor recommends VRBO if AirBnB isn’t an option.

15:36 – Taylor ask Beau about the rent in Mexico City and if he got a place worth the price. Beau talks about how his rent covers everything, from maintenance to utilities.

17:57 – Taylor asks Beau about how his AirBnB experience went. For Taylor, he was quite “burned” the last time he used AirBnB.

22:24 – Beau concludes his AirBnB experience by saying one of the best perks of using AirBnB has been connect with locals. Taylor then asks Beau about how the transportation facilities in Mexico City are and how cheap and convenient it is.

26:54 – Taylor wraps up the episode.

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